A downloadable game for Windows


Left Shift - Show and Hide Control board

Mouse - Aim, Drag wires from Inputs and Outputs 


A - Any of 3 Outputs

D - Any of 3 Outputs  

Space - Any of 3 Outputs

Mouse Click(LMB) - Any of 3 Outputs


Left - Walks left

Right - Walks right

Pellet Gun - Shoots the pellet gun

Pellet Gun Reload - Reloads the pellet gun

Jump - Jump into the air

Run - Move faster

Shotgun - Shoots the shotgun

Shotgun Reload - Reloads the shotgun

Shield - Activates the shield (3 seconds, then a 10 second cool down)

Flame - Shoots the flamethrower (No reload required)

SMG -Shoots the smg

SMG Reload - Reloads the smg


The game starts with you not being able to move, jump, shoot  or do anything(except hover). You must bind the controls yourself by hooking up the controls yourself... The catch you only have 4 inputs and 12 outputs, so you must strategically connect the inputs and output. After 10 seconds the game start and you must take out the enemies without dying. Try to get as many kills as you can.

Install instructions

Download... Unzip... and run


Wired.zip 11 MB


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Nice idea! Entertaining for a while once you get a good setup and understand you can multibind everything :D